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Thomas Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Managing Director, Medic Management Group, LLC.

Star Date 2020: What Will Your Office Look Like?

By Thomas Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS
Managing Director
Medic Management Group, LLC.

The year 2020 seems so far away (it is not). What will your office look like in the year 2020? Probably very similar to today for many practices. The better question is, what could it be in 2020? Technology in healthcare, i.e., physician practice is accelerating. Gone are the days of the slow, cumbersome electronic medical record. Most practice management and electronic medical records systems are becoming easy to use for you and your patients. New features using mobile technology, kiosks, or home based systems are being developed daily.  Read article
Volunteer Reading to Hospital Patient

Your Volunteer Program - Addressing Organizational Liability

By Sharon Hall, Vice President, Healthcare Risk Specialist
Parker | Smith | Feek

Many not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteers to supplement their labor force. There are many reasons why people donate their time – altruism, a need for social interaction, and fulfilling a court order are a few of these. Whatever the reason, the experience should be mutually rewarding for all parties. Knowledgeable and satisfied volunteers represent your organization well. Read article
Patients Waiting in Doctors Office

Music and Motion Picture Licensing for Healthcare Providers:
It Pays to Play

By Paul Borovay, Attorney

Many healthcare providers have received cease and desist letters from one or more music and motion picture licensing entities. The letters often allege that a hospital or clinic is playing music or showing movies without a license. Given the remedies available to copyright owners, it is important to determine whether your use constitutes infringement, and, if so, when and how to secure the necessary licenses.  Read article
Laboratory Technician Managing Human Fluids

Health Care's Latest Pi$$ing Contest

By Craig B. Garner, Founder
Garner Health Law Corporation

Last March dozens of insurance companies filed suit in Florida against a hospital, a laboratory and a medical claims collection agency for more than $100 million. Earlier in March Anthem initiated an action to recover $13.5 million against a small hospital in Sonoma County, California allegedly creating an illegal pass-through arrangement for laboratory claims. In April UnitedHealthcare sued the owners of two laboratory companies in Texas for supposedly orchestrating a similar pass-through scheme that resulted in reimbursements of $44 million. Read article